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Project Description

The building is a five (5) storey 20,000 m², long term care facility designed to MoH Standards with commercial kitchen, auditorium, administration and resident room areas with activity common areas, nursing, dining and support rooms.  The building is projected to achieve LEED Silver, if not Gold which will be one of the first long term care facilities to achieve LEED 2010 rating and the systems will be 40% more efficient than the Model National Energy Code.


Energy efficient features included:

  • 92% efficiency gas fire condensing boilers.
  • 92% efficiency gas fire domestic hot water boiler.
  • Make-up air exhaust air energy recovery units with 92% efficiency gas-fired condensing heating sections, variable speed drives and heat reclaim DX dehumidification systems.
  • Commercial kitchen systems included variable speed exhaust/supply air intelligent control with exhaust heat recovery supply air pre-heat.
  • Direct digital control system for building energy monitoring and trending which allows the operator to trend usage for gas, water, and electricity.
  • Lighting control system for office, corridors and common areas which allows for reduced lighting levels in unoccupied mode.

Electrical metering of incoming power which includes equipment, occupant, lighting and emergency power usage for trending purposes.

Project Details

Owner: St. Patrick’s Home of Ottawa
Project Location: Ottawa, ON
Construction Completion: 2013
Building Type: Long Term Care Facility
Project Type: New Construction
Construction Value: $36.0M (Total); $12.0M (M&E)

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